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HD-A40K Controller


1.USB port and Support all languages(Software :HD2014)
2.Support 7 colour effects ( HD-Q40/U40 support )
3.Add Remote control function of the controller
4.Via u-disk to updated firmware/send data/adjust time/ defined time
5. Support 200pcs Programs and 8 Districts
6. More than 200 types showing effects
7.Support Time,Temperature,Clock,Counter,Animation,Text, Picture etc.HD-Q40/U40 support Pharmacy cross signs

Product Description

Types of control card Single and Dual colour HD-A40K

Control range Single color: 48H* 1024W.
Dual color: 48H* 512W

Scan modes Static, 1/2, 1/3,1/4, 1/6,1/8 common modes etc

Communication type U-Disk

Power supply +4.2-5.5V

Power consumption ≤0.5W

Work environment -40℃–75℃

Installation dimension 48(H)*65(W)(mm)

Application Range Used indoor outdoor, semi-outdoor
Showing text, animation, time, clock etc

Application Software software HD2014

Details Parameter Below details

Flash Capacity 2M Byte(Can be expand 8M)

Communication port U-Disk to edit and updated programs

Signal Port 3 Of HUB12

Program quantity 200PCS, also can change program by button or remote if weld sensor

Area quantity 4 areas with separate zone, and separated special effect and border

LED pixel 48(H)×1024(W)(The resolution is 12K.)

Display contents Text, image, time, count, Lunar, animated characters, Excel , SWF, etc.

Display modes Display in order or switch by button

Display effects 1.Text, image, time, count, etc.;
2. Support program border, area boarder and user defined border
3. Support the settings of program/area/custom borders;
4. Various action modes;
5. Over 40 special character effects;
6. Support simple animated characters;
7. Support hollow/stroked characters;
8. Support the background settings of area characters;

Function of clock 1. Support calendar/analog clock;
2. Clockwise/counter-clockwise count;
3. The font, size, color and position can be set freely;
4. Support multiple time zones;

Expand funciton Showing temperature humidity ,remoter and brightness if weld sensor

Automatic switch screen Support switch by time on/ off

Luminance control Support 3 modes adjusting brightness,
By Custom, by time period regulation and by automatic
The control board has 3 common HUB12 ports


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