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HD-Q40 Controller

$50.00 $45.00

1.USB port and Support all languages(Software :HD2014)
2.Support 7 colour effects ( HD-Q40/U40 support )
3.Add Remote control functions of the controller
4.Via u-disk to updated firmware/send data/adjust time/ defined time
5.Support 200pcs Programs and 8 Districts
6. More than 200 types showing effects
7.Support Time,Temperature,Clock,Counter,Animation,Text, Picture etc.HD-Q40/U40 support Pharmacy cross signs

Product Description

Application Range:           This product applies to information displays for all the signs, stores,
vehicles, outdoor ads, etc.;
Advantages:                      Wireless transmission for U-Disk, cost-effective, simple software interface, easy to operate, rich                        and fine display effects; above all, more than 98% single/dual colour screens are supported;.

Parameters DescriptionType of control card:               single color/dual color/seven-color

Control range:                                                               64*512 and 32*1024 for single color; 64*256, 32*512 and 16*1024  for dual color; 32*336 for seven-color;

Scan mode: static, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 common modes
Communication type: U-Disk
Power supply: +4.2-5.5V
Power consumption: ≤0.5W
Work environment: -40℃–75℃
Installation dimension: 48.0(H)*68.0(W)(mm)

Content                                     Capability
FLSH capacity                           2M Byte(able to expand to 8M Byte)
Communication port                  U-Disk / RS232 serial port / network port
colour                                         Dual color supports red, green and yellow
Support seven-colour                Full color can display red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan and white.
Program quantity                       Two hundred programs are available, which can be switched by buttons or remote control.
Area quantity                              Eight areas with separate zone, special effect and border
LED pixel                                    64(H)×512(W)(The resolution is 32K.)
Display content                          Text, image, time, temperature, count, animated characters, etc.

Display effect
1. Text, image, time, count, temperature (Module needs to be connected.), etc.;
2. Support the settings of program/area/custom borders;
3. Various action modes;
4. Over 40 special character effects;
5. Support simple animated characters;
6. Support hollow/stroked characters;
7. Support the background settings of area characters;

Function of clock
1. Support calendar/analog clock;
2. Count up/count down display;
3. The font, size, color and position can be set freely;
4. Support multiple time zones;

Expander                                   Temperature/humidity/remote control/light sensors
Automatic switch                        Support time switch
Brightness setting                      Support three brightness modes
IV. Port Definition                       The control board has two common 08 ports and four common 12 ports, which are defined              as image


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